Vicki Sparks, Founder and Director ConnectWorking

by Saul Edmonds

We had our website designed by Roundhouse and are very happy with them and the system they use. After experiencing other labourious systems this one is simple and easy to use not only for us but for those who use our site. It syncs with all our social networking components and is easy to update. We have also found our experience with Roundhouse a pleasurable one as Saul and his team are quick to make any needed updates and does so within 24 hours of us requesting any work needed.

Not only that, Saul always has our best interests at heart by keeping us updated with what we need for our site which means we don’t have to. In an industry where getting good service is rare, you can be assured you can count on Saul and his team at Roundhouse. Check out our site and see his work in action.

Vicki Sparks, Founder and Director ConnectWorking


by Saul Edmonds

Roundhouse provided me with a theme, stationery and signage design. The process was straightforward. After a couple of discussions, proofs were emailed to me. High quality stationary was delivered to me without fuss. A lot of care was given to the choice of font, colour, material and layout. I will use them again.

Dr. Joseph Mathew


by Saul Edmonds

The service delivered by roundhouse is professional and innovative.  I would’nt be able to find a service of this quality anywhere else. They have provided our oganisation with corporate branding, professional illustrations, website setup and service which is faultless. Roundhouse will add priceless value to your business, use them to your own benefit.

Dr Mark Tadros - Director
Brisbane Rehab Pty Ltd


by Saul Edmonds

I has been a pleasure working with Saul from Roundhouse on the development of my new book series identity and the book covers.  Saul has demonstrated not only exceptional skill but wonderful patience and understanding in achieving the outcome I wanted for both the identify and covers.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any similar project.

Donna Stone - Stone Consulting


by Saul Edmonds

Testimonial for ‘Mitosos’ soundtrack

‘mitosos’ was a 2D animation created in very laborious way using a basic software with the aim of developing an intentionally “clunky” aesthetic. It was the first time i went ahead and employed professionals to create a soundtrack and i wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Saul met me to discuss my intention for the work and then he went away to work on the soundtrack with Gillian. Apparently Gillian created her own story when watching the little animated ‘mitos’ and incorporated
these imaginings with my own account that she received from Saul. However the process evolved i was thrilled with the results and felt that they added greatly to the quirky, humorous aesthetic i was trying to create visually.

Testimonial for ‘Dolly’ soundtrack

‘dolly’ was a 3D animation combined with digital videomicrograph footage of my actual cells. After my first experience with the ‘mitosos’ soundtrack created by Saul & Gillian I knew how a sensitive and complimentary soundtrack could enhance and lift my visuals so i was more than ready to employ them again for ‘dolly’. Saul followed the same process as before and had a conversation with me about the background ideas of the work. Then Gillian ran with my concepts and her own creative responses to put together another very unique and exciting soundtrack for ‘dolly’.

Testimonial for ‘Host’ soundtrack

Probably the soundscape for HOST was the most difficult of the three to mould with my vision for the work. I used real footage from a fast-capture camera of bees landing on my hand to feed and it was an intensely personal artwork. We went through the same working process as before but the original soundscape was not quite in keeping with my vision for the work. I have always found that Saul & Gillian are really flexible & ready to go the extra mile to satisfy a client. Gillian redeveloped the original soundscape and then, from my perspective, it was a perfect match.

Testimonial for

I finally got around to the seemingly insurmountable job of getting my own website. Naturally I turned to Saul, who approached this task with enthusiasm and expertise. We met several times to discuss Saul’s developing designs and to ensure that they were compatible with my personal requirements. It was most helpful that Saul was able to suggest user-friendly technologies that would ensure that the site was both a source of information and a vehicle for publicity. I am able to trust in Saul’s judgment in the area of updating my site and I appreciate his committment to helping me to have the best on-going profile and also keeping everything updated. the site proved its’ value immediately when I was meeting gallery directors overseas and I was able to have everything at my disposal at one URL -

Trish Adams - Artist & Arts Researcher


by Saul Edmonds

I have requested Saul Kallio Edmonds of Roundhouse to put together a graphic identity that would suit Melbourne and Sydney cities respectively while maintaining uniqueness of what each city would represent - Melbourne for its warm, chocolatey tones (best hot choc is in Melbourne!) and Sydney for its bright, out there tones.  This complements the unique colour palette of Brisbane which is a sky blue to coincide with warmth and even a ‘baby blue’ to represent that youth of the creative industries within Brisbane. 

It is a difficult task to associate a graphic identity for something as wide and varied as cities and I believe that Saul has captured it well for the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney identities.  Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are grouped together underneath another branding identity to maintain a relationship between these three major Australian cities.

Hannah Suarez
Brisbane Creative Industries
Sydney Creative Industries
Melbourne Creative Industries


by Saul Edmonds

Thank you Saul and Roundhouse for your professionalism in designing our website, refreshing our letterhead, business cards, promotional flyers and e-newsletter.  We are delighted with the outcomes and have received pleasing feedback from many of our customers.  We would not hesitate to recommend your web, motion, print and sound service, to our business associates.  

Gordon Siebel - Siebel Therapy Group

Dynamic Psych Solutions

by Saul Edmonds

We can not speak highly enough of the creative talents of Saul Edmonds and co. @ Roundhouse. He really listened to us in terms of our desired image for our business and consulted closely with us throughout the entire process of identity design. We really feel that the finished product was money well spent and we would recommend he and his company to anyone in need of some creative, talented, efficient and consumer-focused multimedia professionals.

We will happily recommend Roundhouse and particularly Saul Edmonds to anyone for website design and production services. He creatively incorporated our business identity/logo and the overall desired image of our practice into the website design, clearly demonstrating to us that he had a great understanding of our practice, staff and what we were wanting to communicate via our website. We are very happy with the finished product and the quality of consultation throughout the process.

Leisa Davina - Dynamic Psych Solutions


by Saul Edmonds

Visual arts business “Aerograffix” has found new life in its online presence since working with Roundhouse to develop the new website. Roundhouses design reflects Aerograffix’s business image and appeals to a broad client base. The use of large visuals and simple navigation maintains great functionality whilst regular updates are now simple and website management remains easy.

Christian Griffiths - Aerograffix

by Saul Edmonds