The 45 Essentials to Great Logo Design

by Saul Edmonds
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“Design is everything. Everything!”
– Paul Rand

How to Design a Great Logo

The following is a list of techniques for designing a memorable logo.

This list works as a guideline for designers to question and compare techniques. 

When creating a logo design, employ as many of these techniques as possible to ensure an effective and original logo that works equally well for the designer, the client and the target consumer.

1. The logo must be easily recognised.
2. In black and white the logo should look clear and crisp.
3. The text in the logo needs to be visible in all screen resolutions.
4. The logo should not contain more than three colours.
5. The logo layout or shape must be unique.
6. Never use public clipart in the design.
7. Try to avoid intricate details that can be lost when size is minimised.
8. Create a connection between a logo and the brand or product being represented.
9. Never use a photograph as a logo.
10. Get feedback from target customers.
11. One font works best, two fonts at most.
12. Create a timeless logo design by avoiding current design trends.
13. The mirror image of the logo should still be recognisable.
14. Delete unnecessary clutter.
15. Disregard the opinion of family, friends and coworkers.
16. Ensure your design process is based on discovery.
17. Never steal ideas from other logos and claim as your own.
18. The inverted logo should still be easily recognised.
19. Aim for an original and unique solution.
20. Choose symbol and text to complement each other.
21. Describing the logo should be simple.
22. Refrain from tag lines in the logo design.
23. Pencil ideas on paper before computer use.
24. The best logo is a simple one.
25. Develop a brand centric logo - that represents the brand effectively.
26. Do not create a distracting design.
27. Represent the product or service honestly.
28. Logo design should be visually balanced.
29. Never use neon and bright colours.
30. The logo should fit into a square layout.
31. Avoid unnecessary special effects.
32. Create the logo design so it can be presented well in different medians.
33. Never be weak and dull, design confident and bold.
34. No logo is perfect in design, create the best you can.
35. Sharp business requires sharp lines. Smooth business requires smooth lines.
36. Balance the logo so it aligns left, right, centre, top and bottom.
37. Create an engaging design that stands apart from marketplace competitors.
38. Know your audience before you create a logo.
39. Create with function first, then innovation.
40. The brand name must be the logo if it is memorable.
41. Large companies can have smaller logos.
42. In addition to the business, the public should love the logo design.
43. Create different variations of the logo design so you are sure to get it right.
44. Across many platforms the logo design must look consistent.
45. The logo design should not break any of these rules aforementioned.

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A Guide to Creative Logo Design

by Saul Edmonds

A logo is an investment in your brand.

"A logo does not sell, it identifies." 
(Paul Rand, designer who developed the first IBM Logo. His clients included Apple CEO Steve Jobs.)

A well designed logo is one of the most effective ways to establish your brand. Your logo should create a positive impact on your audience, and be both memorable and enduring. Invest time in ensuring your logo is well designed. Consider your logo as a succinct visual that communicates your core message in a single graphic.

Logos are everywhere

Ours is the age of the logo. Logos are all pervasive and remind us how heavily products feature in our lives. Use creativity as a tool to stand out in a crowded sea of brand identities. Quality, originality and 'message clarity' are key points to achieve. A logo design must be closely aligned to your brand message.

A logo is communication

An effective logo design begins with a clear understanding of your customers. Design concepts are best defined by your brand.

Carefully consider :

  • who you are (what your brand represents)
  • what you do (your core product or service)
  • who you do it for (your target audience)

It is essential that your logo represents your brand with clarity to your clients and prospects.

Let the creative work begin

Every creative logo design contains an element of inspiration. 

Define the essential brand message and follow with research and creativity. Strive for innovation and individuality while staying true to your brand. Logos should work aesthetically in both colour and black & white. White space; that is the empty space surrounding the logo form; is always important. 

Typography is a central element of every logo design

With the strong use of typographical elements, a logo may consist of the brand name only.

A logo must be legible. A wise rule of thumb is to avoid fonts that are overly 'fashionable' - as trends move forward quickly, your logo may prematurely appear dated. Future proof your logo and refrain from design gimmicks. The best logos are simple, readable and well styled.

A range of logo variations may be developed for use across different media - from signage to web, print, uniforms, clothing, products and billboards. Certain applications restrict design elements and your logo must be adapted as appropriate. Experiment with your logo design at different sizes and in different contexts.

Less is more

A simple statement is usually best. There is strength in simplicity. It is acknowledged that most brands progressively simplify their logos over time. Consider requesting an insignia version of your logo for use in economical spaces. 

A logo that is flexible and can be effectively used across a range of media in a variety of ways, represents genuine value for money.

While a logo is not your brand, it must be 'on brand'.

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    by Saul Edmonds